Lozengrad Hotel


Lozengrad Hotel is a world-class hotel located conveniently at the center of Kirklareli province. The hotel offers brand new guestrooms tastefully built in 2014, promote tranquility with a neutral palette and views of the park and town square.

Lozengrad Hotel is a regional reference point reflecting local and historical characteristics with its unique interpretation in elegance and style.

Hotel’s restaurant offers a fresh dining experience with its seasonal and regional dishes, themed forest, sea, farm and vineyards, taking full advantage of its surroundings, supporting local producers and artisans.


We strive to be the ambassadors of our region.


Our vision is to be a global brand through being a regional reference point.

Our Brand Values

  • Local
  • Elegant
  • Unique

Our cuisine reflects regional characteristics, rich history and culture. We source all our produce freshly from local suppliers. Our fish comes from Black Sea, meat, vegetables and poultry from farms in the region. Our menu changes from season to season. In the winter we focus on healthy fish from the Black Sea, turbot,  blue fish and bonito and from the lakes trout and bass. Kirklareli enjoys its unique location being surrounded by three seas Aegean Sea, Black Sea and Marmara.

Spring gives life to vegetation, animals graze freely on the green meadows. We source the meat from local farms. Kırklareli is a wine region. In the summer, the sun ripens the grapes in vineyards, which also influences our cuisine.

When the leaves are brown in autumn, forests host various game and types of mushrooms of rich flavours. Partridge, quail, duck and hare are sourced from local suppliers.

Enjoy The Four Seasons in Kırklareli

Forest in Autumn, Sea in winter, Pastures in Spring, Vineyards in Summer

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We will be pleased to host you!